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Possibly the last of the turduckens by Joe Harwell

What can I say?  We did it again for the 3rd year in a row.  Went to Hebert’s in Tulsa, otherwise know as Cajun Ed’s and bought a large turducken for Thanksgiving.  Yes, they come in sizes.  Also, someone pointed out that the first four letters don’t sound so tasty when I posted this picture on Facebook.  I have VERY observant Facebook friends.  The good news, it was the best tasting one ever and because it’s nearly boneless, you can eat darn near every piece of it.  The bad news, it was more expensive than ever coming in at a whopping $92.19 with tax.  Jeeze Louise!!!  I never really knew what Jeeze Louise meant until they told me the price of this multi-meat bird delicacy.  Anyway, unless book sales REALLY pick up in the next year, 2012 may be the last time we break the pig to buy a turducken.  Maybe we can just go shoot something for next year, like they did in the old days.  Something legal, of course.📷

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