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"Blood holds more power over man than love, greed, death, money, politics or religion."

Upside Down Heart follows beautiful Michelle Sands and the sisterhood of The Upside Down Heart Society as they continue using the power inherited from the ancient Vampire Glome. Religious and political leaders and the powerful group L’ordre de l’Aigle are determined to possess their power or destroy them. Each member of the growing sisterhood brings her own unique ability to protect herself and the group.

Michelle's financial and political power expands from Oklahoma onto the world stage in the 1960’s including London, Paris and Copenhagen. Upside Down Heart brings the group to New York City on New Year's Eve 1969 for the beginning of a new decade and the start of a global battle for their survival.

Historical events such as the devastating tornado which struck Howe, Oklahoma in 1961 and a Presidential visit to the area the same year add to this unusual, character driven twist on the classic Vampire story. Power and how it is used in all levels of society continues throughout this series along with love, greed, death, finance, politics and religion.


Chapter 1. Sunday, March 9, 1958 - The revelation

As Michelle held Ronnie’s hands, he could sense her presence in his thoughts. She tightened her grip around his fingers ever so slightly and pursed her lips as he started to speak.

“Shh, it will be all right,” she whispered.

At Indian Rock, Michelle saw every disgusting thing he’d done with other girls. Now he was frightened and ashamed as she took him back through the details of those experiences. The only relief from the pain was the soothing feeling she transferred into his body. It was almost enough to overcome knowing she’d seen all his transgressions.

“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry,” he said, looking away when Michelle loosened her grip on his left hand.

Before he could say anything else, Michelle tugged on his right hand, moving both of them to the side of the house behind a large tree.

Drawing him up close she said, “Look at me.” He did as she asked, looking into her beautiful green eyes. She continued, “I want to know what you’re going to do? Will you make things right, even it costs your reputation and all your friendships, or just keep living like this?”

Ronnie’s lips quivered and tears welled up in his eyes. He looked away again and said, “How can you stand to be around me knowing all this stuff?”

Michelle leaned in even closer, touching her face to his and said, “It’s not everything you are. I’m disappointed by what you’ve done, but I see you making things right and being better for it. I also know how you feel about me, and how much you wanted me at Indian Rock You stopped when I asked, in spite of the things you’ve done. If you set things right with the other girls and forgive yourself, I know you’ll be all right. When that’s done. I see you becoming important in my life.”

Tears were streaming from Ronnie’s eyes as he answered. “You’re right. I won’t lie. I wanted you so bad, and still do. No other girl has ever made me feel the way you did that day, and like I feel right now. I sensed something special when I saw you at the basketball tournament. I never want to lose you. Can I ask, I mean, will you tell me how you’re able to… What do you call it? Does anyone else know?”

Michelle surveyed the yard and said, “We better move before our folks look out the window and see us, or don’t see us and come out looking for where we’ve gone.” She held Ronnie’s right hand as they walked slowly to the front of her parents house. She said, “I can share myself like this with you and others. As for what it’s called, it’s been called many things. It’s one of the oldest powers on earth, feared and hated by some, worshiped by others. Very few people know what I can do, and I want to keep it that way. Look Ronnie, I don’t want you setting things straight just because I know about it, or because I asked you to do it. I was serious when I said the things you’ve done are not everything you are. I sense things about you which really excite me, things I want to be a part of in the future. You have to decide what you want. If you really want to be a part of everything I am, I’ll know by the way you handle yourself from now on.”

“Michelle, what you’ve shown me today and up at Indian Rock is something I always want in my life. I’ll always protect you, even if it means giving my life. Even if you didn’t have this power, I’d still think you are the most special girl I’ve ever met. Right now, my life is just going to school and playing baseball, but it’s not what I’ll do forever. Uncle Bill has a lot of power and I want to work with him somehow, but not just to share the power and money. I’m not sure he realizes how much more we could do outside this little part of the world if we put all he is, and all he has to better use. I know I’m the person who can make it happen. Does that sound crazy?”

“No. It sounds like the man I know you will become.”

Ronnie wiped his eyes and said, “There’s one more thing. After I get straightened out, and we both get past being grounded, I want to hold you, and kiss you, and never stop for anyone or anything.”

Michelle moved her face close to his again and whispered, “See, you already have long term goals, and I like all of them. My birthday is coming up. I’m sure I can get you and invitation to the party. How does that sound?”

Ronnie smiled. “It sounds like I better get busy finding something for your birthday.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. All I care about is seeing you again”

“I have something in mind. Can I bring one little gift. Something to last forever.”

“Sure, anything.”

“Which do you like better, gold or silver?”

“Gold is pretty. Although silver is my favorite.”

Ronnie smiled again and said, “I see some excitement in your eyes.”

“You have no idea. Now, we better move up on the porch before our parents come looking for us.”


Inspiration to write Upside Down Heart. There was more story to be told. At least three more books remain to be written in the series.

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