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Author Joe Harwell Tulsa Oklahoma

Joe Harwell thrives in a luxurious, secluded hideout, but claims to reside in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Early on, Joe was a sensible character who married his high school sweetheart, Becky. They shared 36 blissful years until her death in November 2008. At that time, Joe’s life took an unpredictable turn.

His work history includes retail management, coal mining, telecommunications, TV, newspaper, collections, and as a buyer of metals. This extreme variety suggests someone who is unafraid of new challenges.

Since 2009, Joe has been writing and self-publishing novels and memoirs set in Oklahoma and Arkansas, and occasionally showing up at writers group meetings in Tulsa to maintain his cover. One novel is a futuristic thriller and the rest are historical fiction involving vampires, paranormal adventures, criminal investigation, political corruption, and the media.

Rumor has it he is currently taking notes on conversations between the voices in his head on multiple topics for new novels. Readers should expect more futuristic thrillers, vampires, zombies, concubines, the old west, and murder for hire.

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