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Why Me

Every day, hundreds of Americans succumb to vanity publishers and pay hundreds, or thousands of dollars to get their book in print and eBook. I'm in favor of writers paying reasonable prices for services like good editing, a good book cover, and other skills they may not possess like formatting. What I don't like are the deceptive practices and lies too many vanity publishers use to bilk writers with no regard for their work or ultimate success.

​Important reasons to purchase print copies of books directly from writers.

1. Writers make more money selling directly to readers.
2. Readers receive signed copies of books.
3. One hundred years from now, your great-grandchildren will take the books to Antiques Roadshow and find the rare signed originals are worth 8 million dollars.

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Editing Services

Why You Need Help Marketing

Once a book is ready to publish, the really hard work of marketing begins which requires specific skills many writers may not possess. Decades in sales and marketing taught me a valuable lesson called, The Rule Of 100. Until you have personally asked 100 people to buy your book, you haven't done anything to help your success. The really tough part of this rule is out of 100 people, 5% or fewer will actually read your book. The number will increase if you ask a more targeted demographic, but even then the number of people who will be interested enough to purchase and read your book will be a surprisingly small.

Book Publication Marketing


I polish your manuscript for self-publishing or submission to publishing houses or agents. 

Cover Design

I work with you and my graphic artist to create a cover for both print and

E-book versions of your book.


With my proven track record in marketing, I can help you promote your book to reach the widest possible audience & find the readership you deserve.

If you think you need my service contact me through the contact section.

Low Moral Compass By Joe Harwell
Legends of Michelle Sands
UDH full 2016
Legend front 2016
Legend full 2016
Payne County Weekly
Payne County Weekly by Joe Harwell
Welcome to Utica by Joe Harwell
Welcome to Utica by Joe Harwell
Mile of Cars Murders
new cover full
Izzy Cavanal By Joe Harwell
Letters Becky by Becky Harwell
Dragline by Joe Harwell
Dragline by Joe Harwell
Wolf Mountain Weekend 1976
Sugarloaf Sunrise - SSRRR
Short Stories by Joe Harwell
One Drug By Joe Harwell
One Drug by Joe Harwell
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