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Eric Standridge


It started with a dream, but Joe Harwell helped me make it a reality.


Several years ago, I began doing historical research on Poteau, Oklahoma.  Until then, a complete history of the early days of that town simply didn't exist.  With my background in historical research, my goal was to put together a comprehensive book with all of the research that I collected.


This was a project I could have never finished myself.


During the research process, I began asking different people throughout the community for their stories.  When I first met Mr. Harwell, he was extremely excited about the project and quickly offered his extensive knowledge of the area.  From that initial conversation, he has exceeded all expectations in helping transform this research into a product that has been enjoyed by hundreds of people.


During the writing process, he not only helped me choose a printer for the book, but he has also helped me with many other aspects of the writing and publishing process.  He has given me direction in such aspects as graphic design, pricing strategies, marketing strategies, and technical specifications for publishing.


Because of this assistance, I have been able to transform raw data into a beautifully published book.  He has helped make the process extremely easy and enjoyable. More than that, he has helped me achieve a dream, which has helped others foster a newly developed sense of pride in their community.

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